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June 2019

Digital reproductions of original works. Printed on 100% cotton Strathmore Letterpress paper. Sizes will vary. Contact for details on how to pre-order, matting and shipping.



25”x 31”

My take on the symbol of infinity and rebirth. One of my favorite new works. Trace monotype collage, original art piece, framed in black.

On Sale Now for $500, shipping not included, fill out contact form with subject title “Ouroboros”


Two Arches

25” x 31”

The arch is symbolic of openings, doorways, entrances and welcoming. They play a role in the psychology of architecture, and act as gateways between worlds, lands, crossings and boundaries. Every wall should have one. (or two).

*On Sale! Now $500. Take advantage of this discount through December. To inquire, fill out contact form with subject title “Two Arches”


Daydream of a Monarch

23” x 29”

Formally, this has been a favorite of mine for a while now. But it was just last summer that I was able to witness some Monarch caterpillars being raised for the first time. Eat, eat, rest. Eat, eat, rest.



Archive of Late Summer

24” x 36”

*Limited time offer over 35% off! Now: $500

To inquire, fill out contact form with subject “Late Summer”



33” x 33”